Git Editor

Our latest project is a git-based developer environment that anyone can pick up and use on any machine that has chrome installed.

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I’m currently available for hire on either a short-term contract (up to 10 weeks) or as an expert consultant to guide your business on the right track.

In particular I’m looking for JavaScript work. I have extensive experience in writing node.js libraries and have been working with node.js as long as about anyone in the world. I was a member of the original node Illuminati (before there was a node core team) along with Isaac, Mikeal, Ryan and others.

Recently I’ve been working full-time re-implementing git in JavaScript as part of my mission to make programming more approachable to newcomers.

I honed my skills in writing async code inside complex code-bases and gained a unique perspective on writing cross-platform JavaScript apps. If you are thinking about writing a chrome app, I have developed an amazing workflow that makes this very natural and efficient. This new workflow also works equally well for single-page apps that even include build steps and appcache for offline capabilities.

Let me help you craft quality software.

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Open Source

I believe fully that the best way to push technology forward for the benefit of mankind is to openly share solutions.

Most code can be found on github under the creationix account.

I have spoken at many conferences around the world and has published hundreds of open source modules (mostly to npm and github)

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In order to better understand the needs of app developers and to research the current state or web, I have created several apps and published them to various markets.

  • Git Browser (Chrome App) - A simple chrome app that allows for cloning git repos locally and browsing the contents offline.
  • Git Browser (FirefoxOS) - The same app, but built using FireFoxOS APIs so that it can run on FxOS smartphones.
  • Conquest (Chrome App) - An in-progress remake of the classic Lords of Conquest game from Commodore64.
  • Tedit (Chrome App) - A professional git-based development environment for ChromeOS.
  • Exploder (Web App) - A simple WebGL based game that tests platform graphics performance while keeping toddlers happy.