Ignite Your Passion

My training courses will teach you to love and enjoy programming. You will gain a mastery that will give you confidence to strike your own path and tackle the hard problems!

Program Anywhere

The development workflows I'm pioneering will ensure you can program whenever and wherever on nearly any device with minimal resistance.

HTML5 Games

While much of the learning is serious, I'll also teach you a variety of methods to make HTML5 games.

You will be a better programmer because you will love doing it!

Creationix School of Innovation is currently closed.

Check back later to see if we begin accepting new signups

Create Your Own Programming Language

This course will walk you through the steps to design and program your very own programming language.

This is under active development. The rough outline is:

  • Lexing and Parsing a Lisp Style Syntax
  • Writing a Simple Interpreter
  • Adding Infix Operators and C-Style Syntax
  • Implementing Coroutines
  • Optimizing Three Address Code
  • Transpiling to JavaScript
  • Self Hosting the Compiler

Learn New Workflows

I have developed some new workflows that reduce barrier to entry to people learning to program. The programming environment will work offline and on virtually any machine. This will include Android tablets, iPads, ChromeBooks, and of course laptops and desktops running Windows, OSX or Linux.

Soon I'll make a version of the environment that even runs well on smart-phones for truly portable programming.

  • Runs on any device capable of browsing the web
  • Git implemented in JavaScript for offline and local development
  • Build system for dynamic files
  • Sane submodules for clean dependency management

JavaScript Fundamentals Deep-Dive

There are more courses in early development. One of the next courses is a deep-dive into JavaScript fundamentals. While JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world thanks to it being the language of the web, there is a severe shortage in the workplace of people who really understand it. This course might include:

  • How Objects and Closures are the Same Thing
  • How new and this Really Work
  • Understanding the Web of References
  • Function Statements vs Function Expressions vs Constructor Functions
  • More to come, tell me what you want in this course!

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